March 23, 2018

About Cadillac Insurance CenterAbout Cadillac Insurance Center

The language can be pretty confusing about insurance prices and coverage.  Cadillac Insurance Center takes the confusion away, right away.  Our staff that lives and works in your community takes the time to complete a review and define your best insurance strategy.  No doubt you have questions, Cadillac Insurance Center professionals have answers and they’ll get right back with you.  As an independent Insurance Agent Cadillac Insurance Center is all about what we can do for our customers.  By representing many insurance carriers we can likely provide the price you are looking for with service that is uncommonly good.  Cadillac Insurance Center, the right place for you.

From transportation to municipalities…restaurants to manufacturing…Cadillac Insurance Center is the largest, most diversified Business and Commercial insurance agency serving all of Michigan from (4) Northern Michigan offices.     When it comes to business and commercial insurance coverage of any type or any size call Cadillac Insurance Center for a solution to your Business and Commercial insurance needs.

When you have an insurance claim, you can rely on understanding, immediate response and support from our claims specialists at Cadillac Insurance Center ~ your first contact is your local agent ~ here in Michigan not a call bank out of state or even out of the country.  Through your claims process you can rely on Cadillac Insurance Center Claims specialist to stay close to the process and see you through to its completion.  A local claims specialist, another reason to rely on Cadillac Insurance Center, serving Michigan since 1981.

Cadillac Insurance Center introduces CSR 24, providing secure direct access to your insurance information.  Ask about CSR 24, providing secure 24/7.  You can access to your insurance information online, just register and you are ready to go.

Reaching our customers and meeting their insurance needs simply and effectively, providing peace of mind so that they can move on to the more important details of life, without a second thought .   At Cadillac Insurance Center we realize that our customer’s days are filled.  We strive to meet you where you are and provide fast response to your questions or concerns.  You can communicate with our team by phone, fax, or email.   Our professional team is connected through facebook and linked in.  Meeting your needs where you are, Cadillac Insurance Center.  A locally owned Michigan Company supporting our customers with service and products that meet their insurance needs easily and immediately.



I just had to write and tell you both "Thank you" so much. I've never had to deal with commercial insurance let alone have to combine commercial and personal to get the coverage I needed but you two ladies made it so easy for me and for that thanks again. You have both been professional and so nice it was really a pleasure doing business with you. Mandy thanks again for meeting me on your day off, I really do appreciate that. Both of you ladies have gone above and beyond your job duties to help and for that I will recommend your company to others. I can only hope your superiors know what two GREAT employees they have, they should be greatful to have you two represent their company in such a professional, friendly way. Once again it was a pleasure ladies.  - John & Margie Payne